cornell oysters

source August 12, 2012




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After a life of lobster fishing with his young son beside him, Roger Cornell and son Tom were faced with finding a new way to live off of the sea when in 1999 Long Island Sound experienced a severe lobster die off. Turning to Cornell University Cooperative’s SPAT Director (Suffok Project in Aquaculture Training) Kim Tetrault, this father and son team learned to grow oyster seedlings to market size.

With meticulous attention to detail, Tom spends a lot of time on the presentation of each oyster, constructing his own machine (similar to a rock tumbler) to wash and shape each one. After waiting 2-3 years for them to grow, each order is carefully hand picked and inspected, scraping any fouling and then giving a final wash to ensure they are as clean as possible upon delivery.

Harvested on the day of delivery, these Atlantic bivalve mollusks are beautiful, mouth watering specimens….cleaned and shaped to perfection on the outside, sweet and salty on the inside.  Amazing flavor with a clean finish. A food of great pleasure to the mouth and eyes, describing them appropriately would take too many adjectives!

Cornell oysters is located in hogs neck bay, within Peconic bay in Southold. For now, they are selling wholesale to local restaurants such as Legends, Oaklands, Almond, Bobby Vans, and North Fork Oyster Co. In the city you can find them at Aqua Grill and City Lobster. However, inquire through their website about special orders for parties or events.They are happy to accommodate if supplies are available. Its worth every bit of the extra effort!