North Quarter Farm
and Tweeds Restaurant

source August 28, 2012




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Ed Tuccio and Dee Muma have given new meaning to the local food landscape on the East end of Long Island. Together, they own two restaurants (Tweeds and Dark Horse) where they serve the bison raised on their 300 acre farm in Riverhead. Similar cuts to beef, but healthier, leaner meat.

At one point in American history, bison was at the edge of extinction (down from approximately 6 million to 27 according to Ed). Now, thanks to farms like North Quarter, there are over 500,000 including their 300, which is the largest herd in the Northeast.

Cuts of meat are available through Tweeds, or if you’ve never tasted it and want to try it, sit down at this Main Street restaurant for a juicy burger, steak or ribs and enjoy the warm atmosphere. Make a point of checking out the photographs and collection of historic treasures on the walls (a local man’s civil war release papers signed by Lincoln, and trophy head of the last bison taken down by Teddy Roosevelt to name a few).

Tweeds restaurant is a locavore’s dream. In addition to its specialty, local bison (who also feast on a local diet thanks to extras from neighboring farms), their menu boasts a variety of in-season fish, shellfish and vegetables throughout the year.  Their mission statement says it all…”we make every effort to use local products when ever possible. First, because its better, but more importantly this selection supports the local economy, which in turn supports and preserves a way of life that we treasure.”

If you’re in Riverhead, take a break from the strip malls and drive down Roanoke Avenue to catch a glimpse of the magnificent creatures grazing the farm’s vast unspoiled acreage.