KK’s The Farm

source June 10, 2013

Fresh Vegetables, Fruit & Herbs


Main Road, Southold

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With just a few tables in front and a modest hand painted sign, be careful not to pass KK’s The Farm on the Main Road in Southold. Ever the artists perfecting their work, KK Hapsel and husband Ira are passionately dedicated to each piece of fruit, vegetable and flower, growing exquisite organic, biodynamic produce.

Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming emphasizing the self-sustaining relationships between soil, plants and animals. Its treated as its own ecosystem, therefore nourishing the soil and subsequently the plants grown in the soil. This method eliminates the use of any chemicals or fertilizers, promoting the use of manure and composts, as well as planting cycles based on a biodynamic sowing and planting calendar. While planting on only raised beds, this type of soil balancing provides truly nutritious food.

Growing and eating organic produce is an important first step to maintaining good health and a healthy environment. Biodynamic practices are sometimes criticized by growers using traditional methods, but the taste is truly mythical! Try it for yourself, and while there, go across the street for a taste of The Old Field’s steel barrel chardonnay.