source July 12, 2013

Organic Chicken and Eggs



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In 2009, Chris and Holly Browder left their life in New York city as banker and executive assistant to pursue their growing interest in the organic food movement. Their passion took them to the North fork with Chris working a season apprenticing for Garden of Eve organic farm, and Holly in the tasting room at Shinn Estate Vineyard. Quickly falling in love with their new lifestyle, by 2010 they decided to take a chance at their own business, filling a void in the market selling pastured organic poultry directly to the consumer. After leasing a parcel from the Peconic Land Trust on Charnews Farm in Southold, Browders Birds was born.

The Browders bird is a trendy little forager, freely feasting the days away on a rich organic diet of grasses and insects until they are a healthy 6-7lbs, which makes for a scrumptious chicken. For more dark , rich meat, go for the Red Broilers, while a Cornish Cross or White Broiler will yield more white meat and a larger breast.

Humanely raised, pastured poultry has a taste and texture unlike any store bought brands.  Its so good in fact that Chris and Holly are known to sell out at the farmers markets and offer a CSA for those customers who want to guarantee their weekly or bi-weekly bird. The cost for organic may be higher, but a bird this size could easily feed a large group, or fulfill several recipes throughout a week.  It goes without saying that the delicious broth from the carcass is extremely valuable to any good cook (freeze it in quart size ziplock bags if you don’t need it right away).

Browders also offers cuts of meat, organic eggs, a variety of spice rubs, livers and feet.  Look for their lamb in the spring and fall, which has newly been added to the livestock roster.

You can find Browders Birds at the Greenport, Westhampton and Shelter Island Farmer’s Markets or go to their website to find more information about a CSA.