Sea Salt

source August 29, 2013

Sea Salt


Amagansett, NY

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Husband and wife team Steven and Natalie Judelson started making artisanal sea salt as a hobby. Long time lovers of sea salts from around the world, they decided to give it a try on a larger scale. Amagansett Sea Salt is now the only artisanal sea salt company in New York and one of only four on the East coast.

The process starts with Steven wading into the ocean, filling 5 gallon buckets with sea water. Several trips and approximately 50 gallons later, its off to the salt farm with a very heavy load. This is considered a “small batch”.

The filtered water is allowed two to three days to settle. Clean seawater is then decanted into small evaporator trays where the magic of nature takes over.

Evaporating with only the natural elements, the water slowly concentrates into soft crystals.  In an average period of two weeks or less, the salt is ready for harvest and bottling. No bleaching, no drying, no anti-caking agents. This process keeps their salt completely natural, allowing it to retain the nutrients and trace minerals that good, flavorful salt should posses.

One thing they do add are a few natural accent flavors, most named after East end towns.  Far East End has Nori and toasted sesame seeds, Montauk has lemon zest,  Bridgehampton dill and fennel, and East Hampton Herbs de Provence. Of course there is also the unflavored (my favorite), but its anything but plain! It tastes of the Earth, and full of bold flavor. These are finishing salts, so they add the final touch to every recipe.